About Us

Retreat Leaders:

Debbie Daniels and Mimi Welch are experienced Leadership Coaches and international facilitators. Both have coaching and consulting companies in Washington and work extensively with women from all over the country. Below is a personal description about both leaders and their commitment to guiding you through this incredible experience in Ecuador. You are welcome to visit their websites for more information on them and their companies. Each of them also welcomes your phone call or email regarding any questions you may have.


Mimi Welch, Transition Dynamics

phone  (206)650-3268

email  Email Mimi

website  TransitionDynamics.net

“I started my company years ago with the intent to help women and men uncover what they kept hidden about their own potential and personal purpose. Since then my clients and personal experiences have shaped my coaching and retreat guidance so that it includes traditional and non-traditional ways of knowing such as the indigenous ceremonies and shamanic experiences you’ll enjoy in Ecuador. I began going to Ecuador and built my home there years ago with the vision to bring women like you there someday. The day has come and I am fully committed to supporting you in having an experience that will change your life. I can assure you the Ecuadorian people and shaman you meet are my friends and family, they will treat as one of their own; the volcanoes that surround you will work their magic no matter what you bring to them and the care we will give you will renew and awaken whatever longs in you to be heard. I’m waiting to meet you with incredible excitement and curiosity!”


Debbie Daniels, Life Action Coaching

phone  (206) 930-8930

email  Email Debbie

website LifeActionCoaching.com

“How do we awaken to ourselves? To the world around us? In this moment? And, again in the next moment? I’ve passionately explored this question for over 35 years, and have dedicated my coaching career to helping others discover the wonder and joy of doing the same. My passion is helping people express what is inside and wants to come free. Over my many years of traveling and living in South America I’ve learned that stepping outside the familiar allows an opening, especially when the new experience is grounded in sacred intention, purposeful ritual, and genuine support. Having the Ecuador retreat as the centerpiece of our transformative work creates an instructive contrast and a powerful blend of encounters that will give you the structure, excitement, motivation, and support to move toward more of what you crave in your life. I love this work, and am looking forward to ensuring it serves and nourishes you.”