Offers & Retreats

The guiding principle for our programs and retreats are that they enrich your life in ever-expanding ways and long after the experience is over. We want women to tap into and sustain their power effectively, with the support of other women. Nature and “other ways of knowing” provide and invite self-clarity beyond conventional tactics. The intuitive woman knows best what she needs and how to achieve her wants and desires.


Awakening Retreats:

Awaken in Ecuador Retreat – October 11th-19, 2020 *click


Custom Retreats:

Have your own group? Milestone birthdays, major life transitions, “girl’s trip” to end all or professional team development – a custom retreat ensures you get what you need in a way that uniquely fits for each participant. Work with Mimi and Debbie to custom design an experience guaranteed to be a unique and powerful experience that only your group members will share.

Costs vary based on duration, retreat activities and logistical details. Contact Debbie or Mimi for more information.


Leadership Coaching:

One-to-One Coaching and Duo Coaching is available for clients to help them leverage the discoveries they make during our retreats and other offerings. Coaches are certified, trained and experienced in integrated methodology that addresses the whole person, their intellect, emotions and presence. Our approach is to coach the client towards choices of behaviors so they can better and more easily achieve the outcomes they want. Coaching engagements are customized for each client based on the needs, desired outcomes and current capacity of the client.

Contact Debbie or Mimi for more information.